Put red wine ark of stainless steel

by:Sunnai     2020-07-29
Red wine ark of stainless steel 2019 to put way. 6. 281, wine should be placed in is not subject to direct sunlight and away from heat source. 2, wine should be placed in a well-ventilated place, including around this product back above 10 cm space shall be maintained. 3, the wine is placed in a flat solid ground, withdraw packaging base, in order to reduce vibration and noise, when transporting mobile, its tilt Angle is not more than 45 °. 4, wine don't be too cold to freeze placed in the environment. 5, wine body weight from foot to foot can adjust wine ark height, four corners should be uniform regulation, and the nut tightening. 6, wine cabinet, not in wet gas heavy or easily splash water, splashing water and sewage should be timely clean with a soft cloth, to prevent rust and electrical insulation performance. 'On a news' the air-filled type of red wine and the working principle of ZhiLengShi red wine 'next news' household red wine selection and design
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