not so essential wine accessories

by:Sunnai     2020-02-27
As a follow-up to my last post, I think it would be fun to touch some accessories that may not be very important but interesting or convenient.
Traditionally, wine is made of clear plastic and placed on the neck of a bottle of wine.
For those with unstable hands, the design of the dumping surface is to prevent dripping water when dumping, by putting any excess wine back into the bottle.
For those who are interested in preventing red wine stains on furniture where any color is not yet red, this can be very convenient!
Decanters can breathe the red wine and increase the taste and aroma.
Decanters are usually made of glass or crystal with narrow neck and very wide bottom.
This wide base allows more wine to come into contact with the air, allowing it to breathe before consumption.
Decanters is not a must, but it is a practical addition for those who are interested in improving the flavor of red wine.
The bottle tote bag is also a practical accessory when going out for a picnic or bringing a bottle of cold wine to a dinner party.
Usually made of neoprene (
The diving suit is made of the same material)
The bottle can keep the bottle cool for a few hours if you are going out and don\'t let that bottle of delicious chilled lovesickness warm up before you have a chance to drink, it\'s a little convenient.
How many dinners have you attended and had to mix the plates with the glasses?
When a third party is essential, mixing plates is the perfect solution for those dinners or cocktail parties.
There is a slot and hole on the side of the plate that can be inserted into a wine glass bar so that the glass can be placed on the side of the plate.
This gives your hands the freedom to eat without the need to balance the glass in their hands or to put it on the table.
My personal favorite less important accessory is the wine cooler or wine fridge.
The wine cooler can be available in a variety of colors, finishes and capacities to suit your needs.
Usually they are small enough to be placed on the kitchen counter or below, most of them have meters that can set the refrigerated temperature depending on the type of chilled wine.
This way, if you store and refrigerate red wine with your wine refrigerator (
Because red wine is best consumed at 60 degrees Fahrenheit)
, The temperature can be adjusted so that the bottle does not freeze like white!
The list of wine accessories seems to be endless, it takes too long to write down all of them in this article, which will bore you.
So I hope that the few I mentioned will help to decide which of the less necessary wine accessories are more necessary than others.
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