Methods good stainless steel red wine processing quality control

by:Sunnai     2020-07-20
Good control of red wine processing method of quality 2020 stainless steel. 03. 20 the first point: to understand the needs of the customer: when we come into contact with the customer's order, do our customer's products, and to understand customer requirements for product appearance, size, and the purpose of the product. The second point: to understand the requirements of the product: according to the requirements of the customer product, process, etc. , or drawing on the matters needing attention, etc. To understand clearly. The third point: engineering department to get the drawings for production process diagram ( A photo) , draw good figure to engineer after another engineer to check, check finished after sign to the workshop. Fourth, folded in half when you bend bend direction and bending size confirmation of the first article, began after mass production is confirmed. Replace the operator or replacing the mould to test. # 5: the finished product, to weld the finished product or bending the size according to your drawings to finished product sampling inspection, sampling inspection for each size for confirmation. At the same time to make a full inspection for appearance of unqualified to adjust, check again. Fill in the inspection report at the same time. 'On a news' red wine 'pa, pa' sound? 'Next news' wine, you indispensable decorations
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