How wine ark design makes tall

by:Sunnai     2020-06-17
How wine ark design makes tall in 2020. 03. 6 many people love wine storage at home, especially about love wine, wine in the home was a blessing in life! Wine storage will have to be at home for a wine, a good stainless steel can not only make wine more mellow wine ark, if just designed to be beautiful is better, as small make up to give us a brief about the wine cabinet design considerations, and see it together. One, combinative door 1, best first selection based on space and nearby of the standardization of the product. First is to consider a family to decorate the space, to use the product specifications of the scale, it is best to order wine, more domestic space scale. 2, want to make sure your wine is generally in vertical placement is still embedded device to select in vertical wine may be embedded in wine, the heat dissipation place and way is different, not all the wine to support embedded device, consulting first before buying. 3, the wine is placed in a flat cement ground, withdraw packaging base, to cut sensation and noise, transfer moves, the slope Angle is not more than 45 °. 4, wine should be placed in is not subject to local and away from direct sun heat source. Second, the Chinese style European wine have distinguishing feature each Chinese wine wine do light the area is large, use raw materials such as stainless steel, glass, seeking pure about style, wood materials with less, the deployment of more fastidious outside the lines and decorate. Chinese stainless steel wine do more grand, general appropriate a large house. Now in the market of Chinese wine beside the most fastidious surface decoration, like the wine on any part of the elaboration, beautification, complicated. And general luxury european-style wine, more emphasis on external decoration, seek court appearance of showily, such as stainless steel decorative lines of fastidious, gold altered, to add showily feel. 'On a news' the difference between single WenHong wine and double WenHong wine 'next news' constant temperature of red wine how to work
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