How to design the household size of red wine

by:Sunnai     2020-07-25
How to design the household red wine cabinet size 2019. 05. 30 a, red wine, more and more people like to drink red wine, but wine storage requirement is very high, you don't store, and deterioration in the quality of the wine, so as to affect the taste. But choosing a wine ark, for some of the first contact with friends in this business may have many questions, the size of the wine ark of which is how to choose. In fact, wine cabinet size varies from person to person, why do you say that? The reason is very simple, if you have a wine ark to stock for a long time, such as solid wood wine of this type of wine, you only need to tell the manufacturer of wine you storage capacity for liquor is ok, they will according to your actual condition to design custom wine size; If your wine is only for decoration, wine cabinet manufacturer will give you design a style, and then wait for your confirmation, or according to the storage capacity and design to determine the wine cabinet size for you. Two dimensions introduce domestic wine, red wine is not so easy to determine, it is according to the different requirements have different sizes, but generally has the following two points: male users to adapt to the height of 1. 2 - 1. 9 meters, the female users to adapt to the height of 1. 1 - 1. Thickness of 8 meters, about 0. 3 - 0. 4 meters between the air gap probably at 0. 3 - 0. 4 meters, between the body's activity area in 0. 45 meters, and its overall design space should be 1. 06 - 1. 27 meters. Of course this is just a normal situation, specific, can also according to their own needs to customize. Wine ark height wine cabinet height is usually not more than 1800 mm, but the height of the actual best design according to user's height. According to the two men's and women's height to design wine cabinet size. Clearly on the left is a woman's height, around 1. 6 meters tall women, wine cabinet height design about from 1100 mm to 1800 mm. On the right is a height in one. 7 meters of men, wine cabinet height design about between 1200 mm to 2000 mm. Wine probably between 300 ~ 400 mm, the thickness of the wine ark space interval is between 300 mm to 400 mm, and in accordance with human body engineering, the activities of the human body region in 450 mm, so the design of the overall wine ark space at 1060 ~ 1270 mm, the specific wine ark height should make appropriate adjustments according to the height. Under the furniture for the wine cabinet design need to be aware of some matters: wine ark design note 1, avoid light pollution performance in general, closed completely opaque door is the best design is completely isolated ultraviolet. General wine collectors didn't see his collection, always can feel like what's missing, so the wine ark that glass door design, widely welcomed. And the same is the glass door, filter ultraviolet function, with the cost of the common glass have sent a lot, so before buying, it's best to ask. 2, ventilation, air purification function of wine wine in furnishing design considerations will produce harmful gas in the process of sulfur dioxide, and sulfur dioxide can harm the cork, and degradation liquor. Sulfur dioxide in the wine cellar can rely on natural ventilation rule out, but in the grape wine the closed environment, sulfur dioxide will be accumulated. Generally 10 days open a door for ventilation wine ark, can rule out sulfur dioxide. But don't want to pay attention to the collectors will disturb a wine every ten days of sleep for a long time, so in view of the air environment, the most intimate with activated carbon is the design of the ventilation and circulation system, so as long as every two or three years in an activated carbon, can keep the wine in good environment dominated by air. 3, art style characteristics of solid wood wine wine ark design considerations for contracted: ancient style of heavy and complicated is wine down the years old and all-around, rebuffed all luxuriant with heavy and complicated, praise highly is 'at least as up to'. A stand type wine ark, can store more than hundreds of bottles of wine. Romance: easy use, simple solid wood wine that fit with the bedroom style, one integrated mass, said European rural serenity and comfortable emotional appeal, can also produce the finely crafted into modelling strange cask shaped wine, all show the characteristics of servant. Luxury: most can blink wine cheap wine storage space of the disposition. Not only for storing wine only, but also separate the wine display area and wine, champagne, storage area, with a return to the ancient smell, modelling downstream, precious material, exquisite craft sculpture, etc. , and everywhere luxuriant adornment inside the bedroom - The ceiling of the baroque style, big CheFu decoration painting, European archaize marble lamp act the role ofing, magnificent carpet etc. 'On a news' red wine manufacturing materials and key components 'next news' red wine which details need to be careful when custom
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