How can I get freestanding wine refrigerator sample?
If you need the sample of our freestanding wine refrigerator for reference, simply get in touch with us and tell us what kind of sample you need - it is our existing products or the one that needs to be customized to your specifications. For our existing products in stock, we can send out one or two to you within 48 hours. But for custom samples, our expert team will communicate closely with you to understand all your requirements, and then design and produce the samples to your requirements. It may take a relatively long time. After we produce and test the samples, we will send it to you as quickly as possible. And before delivering, we will send you some pictures of the custom samples first for preliminary confirmation.
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As one of the dominant wine cooler fridge supplier, Sunnai Electrical Appliance Co,. Ltdintegrates production, R&D, sales and service together. The under counter wine fridge series is widely praised by customers. The adoption of cigar cooler humidor endow cigar cooler with higher performance and price ratio. It will preserve the quality and rich flavors of the collection. Sunnai Electrical Appliance Companyis well known as a reliable company which provides professional service. With no compressor, this product operates quietly.
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We emphasize environmental responsibility of our factory. We offer products designed to replace the environmentally destructive ones that elevate the carbon footprint.

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