Best Cigar Coolers To Store Your Stogies

by:Sunnai     2020-11-23

I’ve experimented with a ton of various temps and found a sweet spot. The extra cigars you've in there the extra it will absorb a lot of the humidity. I wait 2 days after I seasoned it earlier than I put cigars in it. In truth I put old cigars in it they had been alittle on the dry aspect and the excessive humidity rehydrated them after a week.

The machine is hermetic so it will be onerous to develop mold. Higher humidity will make cigars burn slower and un evenly and will exit more.

I try to maintain them around 68 to 69 levels and around 70 to 72% humidity. This gadget is nice because it has an air tight seal so comparatively the humidity might be alittle higher. Also I wouldn't put no more than four boveda packs in it. Just bear in mind the beetles will not hatch as long as temp is lower than 72 levels.

Cigar coolers can retailer as much as 500+ cigars which means you will be able to accommodate your whole collection in one house. But to be sincere, with my restricted experience right here, I'm just using a fundamental medium sized plastic Igloo cooler with a couple humidity gadgets in it.

Unless your home is fairly warm, I'd have a look at going that route. Wine coolers or function built cugar coolers require energy to run. Just bear in mind you dont need to be good with the 70/70 rule.

It stays at ambient room temperature and holds humidity higher than anything else I've tried. Mine lives in an interior closet and sits pretty steady at 69 levels and 70 rh.

I would attempt to get that humidity all the way down to round a minimum of 72%. Also hold it around 68 levels that’s a lot for cigars.

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