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Foshan Sunnai Electrical Appliance Co.,LTD Management Reform Swearing Conference

Foshan Sunnai Electrical Appliance Co.,LTD Management Reform Swearing Conference


The growth of a company is often the coexistence of development and crisis. This is a reality that many companies cannot avoid during their growth. In the past, workshop-style management has been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development, and scientific management is an inevitable trend. Advanced enterprise management mode, corporate culture with core competitiveness, and excellent core management team are the prerequisites for enterprises to become stronger and bigger, and also the bottleneck encountered by many small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, we invited Jinzhiye to come and reform with us.

Now, on behalf of the management, I made the following statement on the company's management change work:

1. Actively cooperate with the teachers of the alloy industry and the leadership team to meticulously complete the tasks of management change, strictly implement the various programs of management change, overcome various difficulties, thoroughly solve the management bottlenecks that plague us, and lay a solid foundation for the company's subsequent development. The basics.

2. We must make up our minds, change our minds, change old habits, old ideas, and old methods that affect the development of enterprises and individuals. We must face up to existing problems, take the initiative to take responsibility for management, work hard to do our job, and support the company's management reform with practical actions. .

3. Carry forward the spirit of teamwork, strengthen the implementation of management and change work, and work hard to implement the various management change plans and improvement measures.

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