Eastern Europe style stainless steel wine wine? How high can do?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-28
Eastern Europe style stainless steel wine wine? How high can do? 2019. The euro. 02 when people for the house to decorate, must choose a suitable style, can let people trust, Europe type style is one of them, for this style, people are undertaking decorating, also should to do the whole match, then the Europe type style of wine, people want to know, at the same time for European wine can do high, also be more curious. European wine can do? Usually there are two kinds of the size of the European wine ark, the size of the single European wine in 1100 mm up and down, and double the size of the European wine in 800 mm and 1050 MCM, meantime gap must be at least 250 mm, inner lining can be placed. But this is not invariable, in home design wine ark, should according to owner's height. Above wine ark combination design, have the effect very good partition, let a space not give people the feeling of take in everything in a glance, and also can resolve the door straight at the balcony leakage caused by money problems. We must pay attention to the European wine counter depth depends on the function of the bar below, just for a drink and a meal mesa width is not the same, if there are seats before preparation, mesa to highlight the wine itself, so the depth of mesa to at least 40 to 60 cm, the width of the wine is also more convenient store content below. Such specifications wine wine ark combination modelling concise, fashion appearance, absorb the enthusiasm of the southeast Asian people honest, highlight quiet sedate do not break the enthusiasm of elegant temperament. In general, the overall height is usually more than 1750 mm, wine bar from the top is not higher than the owner within reach as far as possible, so convenient take items, or customize peaked, according to owner needs more space to receive amount, place not commonly used article above, can use tools to implement and take. 'On a news' touched the hot red wine on both sides, how to do? 'The next news' red wine how important is the choice of design size? After watching these you will understand!
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