Do you know semiconductor wine and red wine also points of compressor wine?

by:Sunnai     2020-07-26
Do you know semiconductor wine and red wine also points of compressor wine? 2019. 12. 31 we first for the semiconductor wine ark, just as its name implies, semiconductor wine refrigeration is depend on the semiconductor chip semiconductor chip produced by temperature difference is the power cycle. In general can make wine down a few degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Such as ambient temperature in summer is 30 degrees, the wine can ( Can only) Make the temperature down to about 24, 25 degrees, such as ambient temperature is 15 degrees in winter, it can ( Can only) To around 8, 9 degrees. Use the compressor refrigeration effect will be better, can control the temperature range is more than wine. No matter what the season, can control the temperature of the generally in 5 ~ 18 ℃ or so. So what is the principle of compressor wine? According to the refrigeration cooling way is divided into? Compressor through the compressor refrigeration system as the main red wine wine ark of refrigeration. Refrigeration compressor wine through its refrigeration system, cooling system consists of four basic parts of the compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttle components. By the copper pipe connect the four items in a certain sequence into a closed system, filling a certain amount of refrigerant in the system. General of refrigerants for freon, usually using R22, now some freon compressor using R410A, R - 404 a, such as R407 new environmentally friendly refrigerants. In refrigeration, for example, low temperature low pressure compressor suction from evaporator freon gas compressed into freon gases of high temperature and high pressure, and then through the thermodynamic expansion valve ( Capillary) , the throttle into low temperature low pressure freon steam-liquid two-phase object, then the low temperature low pressure of freon liquid in the evaporator absorbs heat from the air inside the space, become the freon gas of low temperature low pressure, low temperature low pressure of freon gases by compressor suction. Indoor air after evaporator, released heat, air temperature drop. So is the principle of compressor wine. 'On a news' best level combination of CP appearance - — Stainless steel and red wine 'next news' stainless steel temperature of red wine is to make you fondle admiringly
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