Constant temperature required good red wine wine lovers

by:Sunnai     2020-07-22
Constant temperature required good red wine wine lovers, 2020. 05. 07 life needs excellent wine! With more and more love wine to people who know their wine, liquor storage also gradually specialization, constant temperature wine wine are alternatives to decorate sexual hutch, become a business and the standard of wine wine lovers hide. Especially represented by the red wine grape wine, higher requirements on storage conditions, constant temperature wine using more and more in the store. In the stainless steel material characteristics in itself, and gradually become one of the main raw material of constant temperature wine. Such as wine, especially red wine wine to hoard environment temperature humidity safe sex requirement is very high. In the match with professional compressor, stainless steel raw material with the use is not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, superior characteristics, such as environmental protection, no peculiar smell, if choose medical stainless steel, can also be useful bacteriostatic, these characteristics are conform to the requirements of the wine aged. A constant temperature stainless steel wine professional production requirements are higher. To keep the outstanding role in constant temperature and humidity, demand and seamless stainless steel cabinet put oneself in another's position, cupboard door shut and smooth and good in sealing. Form a complete set of professional production team have shock proof sealing auxiliary materials. In addition, the planning of compressor bearing to scientific and reasonable, the device needs to deal with, in order to avoid the runtime drive cabinet put oneself in another's shaking, in order to avoid alcohol damage caused by a sensation. In some restaurant in the hotel, stainless steel wine in wine storage function, also can decorate rich lili. Customize the constant temperature of a stainless steel wine at home, also is becoming a selection of wine lovers. If don't like stainless steel metal color, choose mix now can reach a wide variety of styles, and the appearance of stainless steel line treatment technology is becoming more and more rich, in addition to with real wood raw materials such as mix build, also can choose special appearance of stainless steel processing. 'On a news' red wine is close to a high-tech refrigeration equipment store wine cellar 'next news' red wine not fault point screening and maintenance work
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