Constant temperature of red wine how to work

by:Sunnai     2020-07-21
Constant temperature 2020 red wine how to work. 03. 041, working conditions, apply to the space of a return air system, shall not apply to the all new air circulating system. Normal working conditions for 5 ~ 43 ℃. 2, refrigeration principle: high pressure liquid refrigerant flow filter, is entered into the evaporator, expansion valve throttling depressurization and due to the reduced pressure, refrigerant in the evaporator constantly absorbing air to the evaporator of the heat and evaporation into steam, steam again by compressor suction, after compression, the high temperature and high pressure gas into air cooling condenser, heat taken away by condenser cooling, refrigerant into high temperature and high pressure liquid, then after the filter to the expansion valve and so on, will remove outdoor, indoor quantity of heat to reduce indoor temperature. 3, heating principle: when by adjusting the air temperature is lower than the required temperature, constant temperature and humidity machine computer controller is connected to electric heater, heat the air, through the fan to be adjusted to achieve the purpose of heating room. 4, dehumidifying principle: when the humidity in the air conditioning is greater than the required value, air through the evaporator is cooled below the dew point temperature, precipitation of moisture in the air, and achieve the purpose of wet. 5, humidification principle: when the air conditioning of the relative humidity is lower than the required value, the constant temperature and humidity machine computer controller connected electrode type humidifier, the electrode type humidifier, water boiling changed into steam by heat and by the fan into the air conditioning room, the purpose of humidification. Electronic thermostat red wine for put what wine? Electronic thermostat red wine wine can put what, but must pay attention to the size and rules. Everybody look at! 'On a news' wine on how to design makes tall 'next news' red wine to add to your home
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