Air-cooled red wine with ZhiLengShi red wine works

by:Sunnai     2020-06-16
Red wine with air-cooled ZhiLengShi red wine the working principle of 2020. 05. 211, ZhiLengShi wine: natural convection by the low temperature evaporator surface, reduce the temperature in the cabinet, stainless steel wine wine, but the temperature is not uniform. Relatively save electricity, under the same volume, large effective volume. Straight cold technology has the advantage of low manufacturing cost, low power consumption. Straight type cold low power consumption, low noise, low price; Slow and poor temperature uniformity. 2, air-cooled wine: air cooling technology of wine is clean and relaxed, the cooling by air duct forced into the space in the cabinet, caused by circulation, temperature uniformity. The humidity is low, the freezer refrigeration evenly to achieve the effect of temperature control. Its shortcoming in air cooling technology cost is larger, higher power consumption; Food drying dehydration, suitable for wet areas. Power consumption is higher than ZhiLengShi, under the same volume, effective volume is small. The air-filled type refrigeration speed, temperature uniformity is good; But the power consumption, low noise, high prices high. 'On a news' red wine doesn't work point of failure troubleshoot and repair a news 'under the' red wine put
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