a few facts when building custom made wine cellars

by:Sunnai     2020-03-01
Custom cellar is a great choice for every wine lover.
You may be confused if you have not experienced it before.
But you can trust the builders of the wine cellar.
They were able to create a cellar that could maintain proper humidity (70 percent)
Constant temperature (52-
57 degrees Fahrenheit)
The lying position of the bottle, the dark environment, no vibration, and more things to consider when building a custom cellar.
Here are a few things about the wine cellar:
First-class designer wine cellar: unique design of wine cellar by hiring experienced wine cellar designer.
For the ideal custom cellar, you need to add refrigeration equipment to the shelves and shelves.
It is recommended that you cover the cellar a lot so that you can put 3,000 to 5,000 bottles in it.
You can choose the style of the shelf.
For the style of the shelves, always consult more than one designer.
It is recommended that you hire a qualified engineer.
They knew there was enough humidity and cooling in the basement.
• Wine box and Wine Rack: wine rack and wine box are perfect for those with small space.
When you put the shelf in, make sure it has low power lighting inside.
Avoid big power lights because it will ruin wine.
You can use LED lights instead of high-power lights.
This is the standard lighting equipment for the wine cellar.
The style of each wine cellar varies depending on the individual\'s choice.
If you use wood materials to build a wine storage solution, it will be a little more expensive than other materials.
The shape of the shelves has different styles, such as diamonds, squares, rectangles, etc.
Material of the wine cellar: the wine cellar can be designed with different materials.
Of the different materials, wood is the first choice for the most people.
It also looks pleasant with your other furniture.
Wood materials are also well insulated.
For wooden wine cellar, please hire experienced wine cellar designer.
This is not for the wooden cellar.
Whatever the cellar material is, you should choose to have experience.
The floor can be replaced with thick ordinary wood or plywood.
You can use wall space for shelves.
Don\'t cool down the cellar with a home air conditioner.
It is better to use wine cabinets than to use refrigerators and air conditioners. Use high-
Quality equipment to control humidity and temperature in the wine cellar.
50 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature to keep wine bottles.
It is essential to control the temperature.
Floor of the wine cellar: If you do not build the floor of the high-quality wine cellar, there may be water leakage.
Do not eliminate the floor factor if you live on the upper floor.
Waterproof flooring is always selected.
The contractor will tell you about the waterproof floor.
It can provide you with a safe floor and a luxurious look.
It\'s not easy to install a custom cellar yourself.
You need to hand over the responsibility to the cellar builder.
For the underground wine cellar, they have a proper understanding of the insulation.
Use standard materials for basement floors.
The floor does not need to be insulated, but a good material should be selected for this.
This is essential so that it can help control the temperature during the day and at night.
Wine cellar installation location: you can install the wine cellar underground and on the ground.
But it\'s better to install it underground.
In addition to the ground below, you can place it in the garage or in the living room.
This factor should not be taken lightly when you choose where to install the basement.
The bottom line: no matter how big the installation location is, the wine cellar experts will customize the wine cellar that suits your home.
Avoid places that are too cold and too hot.
Follow the tips above so you can build an ideal wine cellar.
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